Mother's Day 2014

Mother's Day Card 2014
Lilacs in the Window


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Dear Friend, 

The idea of establishing a national Mother's Day was inspired by women working to improve the lives of all women.  Mother's Day, like the job of "mothering," is celebrated with many diverse traditions.  This day honors the multiple ways that women are a source of strength for their families, and communities throughout the world.  You can read more about the History of Mother's Day on our website under News and Events.

Almost 30 years ago one of our supporters suggested that we do a special "Mother's Day Card" to honor the important women in our lives. We have been offering unique Mother's Day Cards ever since!

This Mother's Day, we are continuing the 2014 theme of “Celebrating Women of Courage, Character, and Commitment.” Our gift cards feature an image of Lilacs in the Window, one of the few still life created by Mary Cassatt.  This renowned American painter, printmaker, and pastelist, demonstrated her character, courage and commitment in the choices she made as an artist and in her support of woman suffrage.  A copy of her beautiful painting is reproduced below.

The inscription inside our Mother’s Day card is set out on the back of this letter.  It will be modified if the card is from more than one person, or if it is a Memorial card.

You can send a Mother’s Day Card by using our secure on-line Webstore, which is accessible from our homepage  Or you can fill out the form on the back of this letter and return it in the enclosed envelope; or fax it to (707) 636-2909.  Please include your email address if available. 

All contributions are tax-deductible.

Thank you for your continued support,

Molly Murphy MacGregor
Executive Director and Cofounder


To download and mail in an order form, please click here