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Women’s History Can Be Fun

Learning about women who have triumphed against negative forces, who have had an effect on many people in their lifetime and after can be inspirational. Below are some suggestions to help you be creative while learning.

– With thanks to Alex Glanz–Berger, Newton North High School, Massachusetts

  • Imagine doing anything, then narrow down the list to the more manageable ideas.
  • Use local resources. Start with your school faculty and librarian and other people you know, and then the people they know.
  • Don’t be shy. Call any organization or person the least bit related to your topic. If they can’t provide appropriate resources or speakers, they may be able to suggest another source. Remember, not many high school students plan programs themselves, and most people will be thrilled that you called.
  • The internet offers a plethora of ideas. Women’s organizations offer a lot of on–line information through their web sites. Ask for their help, too.
  • Contact the local media. Your program will be of interest to local newspaper readers and television viewers, and you merit the attention.
  • A few of your classmates may react in an immature or insecure way. Choose the battles you want to fight and don't take things personally. Plan your reaction and do the best you can.