Promoting Women's History

Presskit 2008

If we don’t promote women’s history, who will? 

Here are a few suggestions for promoting and celebrating National Women's History Month in your community:


Ask your local schools what they are doing for National Women's History Month. Suggest they visit our website for information and resources..

Suggest to your local schools and school boards that they encourage students to write an essay or draw a picture about the theme, "Writing Women Back into History .  Encourage green projects designed to help students at every grade level discover, recognize, and duplicate the ways that women are saving the planet.

Contribute a Women’s History Month Program Kit to a local school or local library.

Take a 2009 commemorative poster, banner, or bookmarks to your local library or bookstore and ask what special features or programs they have scheduled for National Women's History Month.

Ask that your place of worship recognize women's contribution to your spiritual community either in a special celebration or through announcements at gatherings.

Write a proclamation for National Women's History Month and ask your local city council or board of supervisions to issue a special proclamation in honor of March being National Women's History Month. Here is a sample proclamation for reference.

Plan a reception or luncheon to honor the women in your community who have been the builders of communities and dreams.

Ask your local paper to feature school and community programs that celebrate National Women's History Month. Direct them to the Women’s History Month section of the Women’s History Month.

Bring "Women Taking the Lead to Save our Planet " placemats to your workplace’s cafeteria or lunch room.

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper explaining the need to celebrate and recognize women's contributions and include information about National Women’s History Month and suggestions of women from the community to celebrate.

Invite a woman from history to be at your celebration program. See the NWHP listings of Women's History Performers and Authors and Presenters. There may be a performer in your community that you can plan a special program with or one of the listed National Performers can travel across the country to be at your event.